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Hi. I'm "12 Bots".
Can I introduce myself briefly?
Player vs Player (PVP)?
Network strategy action game?
There are many modifying words for it so I don't know how to describe it exactly.

A brisk rhythm, neat and adorable visuals.
Cute robots and minions obedient to owners.

Casual game? No!

I think the real joy of playing “12 Bots” is psychological warfare to shake up opponents' strategy.
Just three buttons of jump, turn, action
A game with extremely simple controls
But there is an infinite number of amazing tactics to use
If you are tired of complex games, how about this real time strategic game with simple controls and quick duels?

Just three minutes to master the controls!
Real time duels with other users!

Just play using three buttons, 'Jump' 'Turn' 'Action'
Collect energy packs, activate headquarters, and command your minion army!
Expand headquarters & spy on your opponent!
Acquire points by taking over opponent's expanded base and be the best player.

Infinite expansion to undermine opponent is also a good strategy.

Or secret checks to sabotage the flow of opponents is good too!
But the crucial thing is that you need to predict your opponent's strategy and strike quickly to deal with it.
This is a highly addictive and infinite strategy game that will attract you to it more and more!

Have you experienced a similar game?
We promise one thing, that 12Bots is an unprecedented real time strategic action game, one you have never experience ever before!

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