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IV Tap provides an alternative to the traditional IV pump by measuring the rate of drops into the tubing's drip chamber.

Your phone is your stopwatch, calculator, and drug reference library!
Now your phone allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the flow rate using time-tested methods! It uses the same principles that were used before intravenous pumps existed.
IV Tap allows you to use 10 ggt/mL, 15 ggt/mL, 20 ggt/mL, and 60 ggt/mL tubing.

IV Tap is perfect for the pre-hospital setting, emergency department and operating room.
IV Tap also assists in places where IV pumps are not available, yet critically ill patients still exist.

IV Tap does NOT require internet access.
The only optional upgrade is 0.99 cent access to the drug library.
You can request new drugs for the drug library via a simple email to me, your friendly developer (and flight nurse).

Tap the screen whenever there is a drip in the tubing drip chamber.
Common dosages, concentrations, and dilutions are provided.
The app makes it easy and fast!

Use it whenever pumps fail, are not available, or would take too long to set up.
It is intended for both the pre-hospital setting, and procedural sedation.

Anesthesiologists, nurses and paramedics should all have this valuable tool in their pocket.

Use it when you need to set up an IV drip fast.
Use it when precise titration of IV fluid is desired.
Use it as a reference for starting a medication infusion.
Use it as a learning tool.

Pro Tip:
Try setting up a "half set" of your pump tubing above 60 gtt tubing. Flush the tubing, then begin the drip immediately with IV Tap. Use a pressure bag if necessary. Set up your pump later, after stabilizing your patient.
Now you can simply insert the pump tubing into the pump with minimal disruption of the infusion.

Intuitive, easy and affordable. Free version available.


WARNING: Anyone may use this app for educational purposes. Only trained and qualified individuals may use this app with real drugs and patients. Always follow your institution's policies. Read and adhere to the product guidelines that are included with your medications, pump tubing, and other equipment.

UPDATE: Some users reported difficulty accessing the drugs after paying for the upgrade. The drugs ARE in fact available, but you must touch the "lock" button again. You will not be charged a second time. This problem has been FIXED in the newest update. If you have any difficulty, just email me at jacksonpeakinnovations@gmail.com. We are working to fix this problem now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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