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Are you too one of those parents who have trouble with putting the baby to sleep? Try playing “soothing nursery songs for babies” and you will see how your sweet little child falls asleep in just a few minutes! ♬Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music♬ is a magnificent kids songs collection, which includes best sleeping lullabies music combined with educative nursery rhymes, and it is suitable for children of all ages – babies, toddlers or preschoolers. Provide your kid with relaxing music to sleep to, and treat yourself with a solid night's rest as well!

✰ “Nursery rhymes” for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!
✰ Collection of best lullabies and “sleeping music for kids”!
✰ Perfect soothing sounds to sleep to!
✰ Play the rhymes all night long, or set a timer at five, fifteen or thirty minutes, or one, two or three hours!
✰ Help your kid fall asleep in no time!

If you are a new parent looking for an easy way to lull your baby into a sleep, Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music is the right choice! It contains a variety of “baby sleeping music” and world's best lullabies which soothe an infant to a deep and sound dream instantly. Download this new free app with lullabies for babies for your Android™ smartphone or tablet and see it for yourself – play nursery rhymes list and watch your kid doze off in a second! Let your toddler or preschool children get accustomed to sleeping in the company of “relaxing music for sleeping”, and bedtime will become their favorite part of the day. Introduce healthy sleeping habits to your newborn baby without effort – have this “free nursery rhymes box” in your phone and play “lullabies for kids” over and over again. Lullaby sleep music ensures the sense of well-being to newborns, and provides infants with long and profound dream.

♫ ♪♯♪♫☽ ♪♯♪♫ ☽♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪

“Sleeping lullaby music for kids” is believed to emerge musical talent and creativity in children, and sleeping with nature sounds and white noise can positively affect the development of kids' nervous system. Besides, nursery children rhymes and lullabies are a good way for your toddler child to pick up some new toddler songs lyrics and rhymes. “Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music” offers list of nursery rhymes and baby lullabies music whose purpose is manifold – toddlers adore listening to funny rhymes and repeating the lullaby lyrics, and when they get tired, the soothing music for babies lulls your dear toddler in no time. Kids of the preschool age simply adore this sleeping music app – cute backgrounds that come with the nursery rhymes box attract their attention, and the lyrics and rhymes of the lullabies for babies stay to children as one of the sweetest memories from their childhood.

♫ ♪♯♪♫☽ ♪♯♪♫ ☽♪♯♪♫ ♪♯♪

Nursery Rhymes Sleeping Music is not only for kids! Apart from babies, toddlers and preschoolers, it is more than beneficial for the adults, too! Listen to soothing nursery songs and let the relaxing lullaby music free your weary mind of worries. Dream like a baby, and wake up relaxed and full of energy, like your kids do! Don't ever spend a restless night – wish your baby kid good night and sweet dreams, hush them with baby lullaby music, and let yourself be carried away to dreamland by the “songs for babies and toddlers”! Rhyme with your kid some nursery or lullaby lyrics, and let the music for children bring you back to the time you were a child. Baby music and nursery rhymes are the cure for troublesome nights. Wait no more and download this app with lullabies for kids, now!

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