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You can now synchronize and take notes with NUS’ IVLE Multimedia videos.
Introducing a new innovative mobile service from CIT, LecturePad allows students to watch IVLE Multimedia videos and type notes simultaneously. These notes are synchronized to the timestamp of the video and can be used to jump to the specific point in the video that matches the notes.

The latest version, available for Android 5.0 and above, allows users to record their own presentations, either using a blank canvas or presentation slides which they can annotate. The recording is saved on the phone as a video file which can be shared. This feature is useful for creating short e-lectures, presentations or small concept casts.

- Now users using Android 5.0 and above can make video presentations!
- View NUS IVLE Multimedia videos and take lecture notes synchronized to the video
- Add notes at any time while watching the lecture video.
- Clicking on a saved note will seek the video section that the note was recorded.
- You can export the notes and share anywhere

* Credits for development of video presentation's feature goes to UdroidSA.

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