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***** Orbotix Sphero device required - Please pair your Sphero before starting the app! *****

Gumball physics + touch magical puffs + Sphero-controlled Snow Globe!

You have received an enchanted snow globe. As with all magical entities, it isn’t as simple as it seems. Your snow globe carries a malady of becoming a gumball machine.

You have been bestowed with the ability to eat upon touch. That’s right: every gumball you touch shall be instantly eaten by you. You eat to save your globe.

Do not let the number of gumballs reach 137, or your snow globe will stop snowing...

Under no circumstances must you let the number of gumballs reach 300, or else your snow globe shall explode!

Use your Sphero to rotate the Snow Globe. Sphero will blink the color of the invading gumball. Touch to magically eat a gumball. Keep eating!

Use the Sphero. Eat gumballs. Save the Snow Globe!

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