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Are you pissed off at Politics? Well, now you can piss on politicians.

You hate the snow? Then you can melt the snowman.

Cats creep you out? Then piss on the pussy!

You can even wet weasels! Or take aim and fill up a moving cup.

The more accurate your aim, the more points you win. The higher the level, the more challenging and fun. You can even simulate being drunk by simply choosing the easy, medium or hard options.

The game is sure to get you talking and keep you playing. After all, it was designed by a comedian!

The Wizzap - This is the ultimate drinking game!

Use your phone or tablet as your tool. Use the lever button to determine the distance and trajectory of your virtual urine and use your device to tilt left or right, or upwards or downwards to reach your target mark.

Score enough points and you'll have the option of choosing green pee, purple pee, thick stream of pee, etc. which helps you to achieve your goal quicker.

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