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It's really strange how most products on the store shelves appear with words like light fat, reduced fat, skinny fat, less than, etc. Strangely, it appears on meat, milk, cream, cheese, chips and different sauces which obviously are fattening.
How come we eat those "low-fat products" and still don't lose weight? Well, those words on the packages cause us to make mistakes.
The top secret of eating and to losing weight is to reduce the fat that we consume.
Fat is Fattening, 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories. In comparison, 1 gram of carbs equals 4 calories.
The purpose of Total Fat Calculator application is to give information and raise the awareness of how much fat really exists in the food we choose to consume.
Total Fat Calculator Application enables the user to check and calculate the percentage of calories and fat that really exist in the product and get an informed decision which product to buy.
Total Fat Calculator Application includes over 8000 products (USDA National Nutrient database) and enables you to know and control your fat easily.

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