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Hi there Ice Cream lover and welcome to SKY CREAM !

- Look, Up in the SKY ! It's that a Jumpy Bunny ? It's that a Flying Jelly ? Nope, It's an Flapping Ice Cream !
Wait .. what ?
well, we all love Ice Cream - on sticks , cones or little plastic 1kg boxes.
*wait people to laugh*

So, in our mini game you need to fly up in the sky and make points with your favorite ice cream.
Till now should sound pretty easy but you'll find this let's say "a little tricky".
At this moment we have 12 ICE CREAM flavors, we know we didn't covered all tastes but in future we will add more.

SKY CREAM How to Play :
• You'll need to coordinate your fingers !
• Tap on right half of the screen to jump right and left half to jump left.
• Flap the ice cream up to make points !
• Get more than 1 Point ! (If you can)
• Collect balloons.
• 100 Balloons = New Ice Cream !
• Have Fun !

Have any problems or suggestions? You can reach us at .

Remainder: Phones are not meant to hit walls !