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NemoNemo Picross - Animal Farm (Puzzle Game)

We have been looking for a NemoNemo Logic game App best was not in the world.
Please try addicted to infinite charm NemoNemo Logic in Animal Farm - NemoNemo Picross.

★ Please play you can directly create now NemoNemo Logic!

    - I've prepared for your tired NemoNemo Logic of a simple form.
    - It is changed quickly to NemoNemo Logic puzzle image, all the footage!
    - Please enjoy the puzzle of all animals, flowers, as entertainer.
    - You can be NemoNemo Logic on the spot to take the camera.
    - You can be NemoNemo Logic reads the stored images.
    - You can play to make in NemoNemo Logic separately and again in the big picture however.
    - By adjusting the brightness, you can easily create the necessary NemoNemo Logic.
    - I am creating with one click NemoNemo Logic of 15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30 size.

★ full touch function!

    - To puzzle game directly paper, we made use of as it is that feeling.
    - Game Ha Yo Doug sucrose port in the direction key the hard way? Please feel the joy of full touch puzzle game true.
    - The image on the button, X button drawing, move button
    - You can enjoy the puzzle game with only one button AA.
    - More convenient, touch the number vertical and horizontal, X is also displayed in the figure.

★ zoom function!
    - Please do not worry another minute the screen've enjoyed a difficult puzzle game small.
   I will start one game.
   2. Please press the move button.
   3. Please try to drag with both hands the game screen.
   4. You can change the size of the puzzle screen.

★ color selection function!

    - Did you just painted black pen on a white background?
    - Please enjoy the colorful still NemoNemo Logic.
    - Press the button of the color in the game, you can choose the color of eight.
    - Please feel the fun of one another to paint colorful.

★ Auto-save feature!
    - Puzzle phone to come in the game, it was until now Did you get blown all? ?
    - Press the BACK button by mistake, puzzle or was blown away all? ?
    - Now, please do not worry. You can use as it is the game before anywhere return at any time in the auto-save feature.

★ rules of the game of curious!

    - Image or on, numbers do you do do not go wrong while you were hit hard NemoNemo Logic?
    - I do not must be from the beginning to erase all? ~ ~ That is not the case now
    - NemoNemo Picross - The animal farm, it provides a life of five.
    - Let's play to the adventure NemoNemo Logic to curious to have a challenge consciousness.

★ game achievement rate display!
    - Each time you paint the NemoNemo Logic, and then displays the achievement rate.
    - Please choose fast up to 100% faster. You can see that more and more addicted.
    - Please try addicted to fun to improve the achievement rate.

★ sweet sweet design!

    - Design of colorful coloration
    - Cute animal characters
    - Let's play a fun NemoNemo Logic background pretty animal farm.