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A deceptively simple tile game. Tap on the largest of three tiles to keep playing as more colorful tiles slide in from all sides. Don't tap on the smaller two tiles else it's game over.
Tap as many tiles as possible till time runs out or you tap on the wrong tile. Test your reflexes!
WARNING: Gameplay is accompanied by some rather hypnotic sounds (Shepard Tones).

Play 2 different modes & beat your own high score:
- Timed: You get 10s/30s to tap as many tiles as possible.
- Endless: Keep on playing as you wish. Every correct tap adds a small fraction of a second to the current time.
You can play the game in both portrait and landscape orientations.
Share your High Score with friends!

A circle in the center indicates time by reducing arc length with every second.

We have picked some very captivating color themes for the tiles.
Kids will absolutely love this game!

Tip:Use both fingers to tap; keep one on the top corner, other in the bottom corner