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HeadsUp - Heads Up Display is your personal heads-up display for Android. Tired of bumping into people and things while using your phone to text or browse the web? HeadsUp is the solution! It pops over your other apps and shows you a camera view of what's up ahead.

HeadsUp doesn't disrupt your workflow - you can see and even touch what's underneath. It can be closed with a tap and reopened without interrupting whatever you're doing. HeadsUp is your one-stop solution for staying safe and connected on the go.

Key Features:

* Works over the top of any Android app that doesn't use the camera
* Hides in landscape so you can use your full screen
* Shows what's ahead of you at a glance
* Launches with a press of a button and closes with a tap
* Reopens from the Notification Center
* Translucent camera display lets you see and touch the app underneath

The developers of HeadsUp - Heads Up Display make no claims as to the prevention of any injury and/or damage to property from the use of this application and are not liable for any injuries to yourself/others or damage to property of any kind sustained while using this application. Use caution while using this application. Using HeadsUp - Heads Up Display is no substitute for situational awareness. It is still up to you to ensure that you are safe. Do not use your mobile device while in dangerous areas or while driving.