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Have you ever wanted to see how small a pixel actually is? Or just perform a series of color tests to see the contrast and brightness values in different lighting conditions? This little user friendly app helps you assess the quality of your display.

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Key features:
- Check the pixel density - Displays a few numeric values and some graphics to illustrate the size of a single pixel.
- Find dead pixels - Fills the screen with a changing color, to help you find any defective parts. To pause the animation, tap and hold anywhere on the screen.
- Test display contrast - This option shows a few scales of linearly increasing RGB values. A good screen should be able to display all of the bands with roughly equal steps in brightness increase.
- Test white saturation - A few almost white rectangles are displayed on a white background.
- Test black levels - A few almost black rectangles are displayed on a black background.
- Test gradient banding - Displays two grayscale gradients. These transitions should look perfectly smooth with no visible vertical lines or bands.