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Optimizes the use of your materials.

Cut Calculator allows you to optimize the use of the gear in such a way as to minimize waste.
If you work with ducts for electric wires, copper bars, rods omega, tubes, or any other type of linear product, you know how easy it is located, at the end of a job, several pieces of waste too short to be used.
With this application you can just enter the length of the pieces of new material, the length of the cuts you need and its amount, and the number of lots to obtain. Cut Calculator will tell you how many whole pieces of material you need and how to cut each of them in order to have the least amount of waste possible.

Step 1:
Enter the length of the pieces of material as well as you are given by your supplier.
Enter the step of cuts (in some materials it is necessary to specify, such as toothed raceways for electrical cables, it is possible to cut only in the space between two teeth).
Enter, if applicable, the thickness of the material removed by the cutting tool (example: the thickness of the blade)

Step 2:
Enter the lengths of the cuts you need, indicating length and quantity.

Step 3:
Check the entered data and tells you how many lots you need.

Step 4:
Let Cut Calculator draw up for you and then follow the directions of the results to cut your material.
Each entry in the list of results is a piece of material, listed below are the cuts to be performed on that piece.
Once you cut the piece, tap the checkmark to remember how far you've come and go to the next.

Good work!