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SurveyEx on Android. For SurveyEx subscribers only.

SurveyEx is the only surveys consolidation tool that helps you save time and get more surveys done.

As a survey takers, have you ever felt:
- It is too tedious to login multiple survey panel sites to do surveys?
- It is very time consuming to read through each survey email to know its topic, rewards and the length of survey?
- Your personal mailbox is taken over by survey emails that you have no time to read?
- You didn't know there is a new survey available before it is close/quota full?
- Frustrated with non mobile friendly survey sites?
- Handicapped because you can't filter your surveys to suit your preference?
- Inconvenient to find survey panel's contact info for support?

SurveyEx enables survey takers to make the most out of their time & effort in doing surveys. Thousands of users have started with SurveyEx, it provides a brand new experience in doing surveys and make survey taking process as easy as possible.

Imagine you have these features that save you time & help you earn more rewards:

★ Consolidate surveys at one central location.
★ List out survey information for quick action.
★ Do more surveys with instant notification.
★ Access your surveys across different devices.
★ Select your favorite surveys with filters.
★ Get help from survey panels through shortcut.

----Built by survey takers for survey takers.---

To subscribe for SurveyEx, please visit your PanelPlace account.

Company profile:
PanelPlace is an online platform that connects people with market research entities and businesses that wants to conduct research studies.

To know more about PanelPlace services, head to or drop us a message at - we love hearing from you!

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