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Since its inception in 2003, Omkar Realtors & Developers has created opulent spaces that have epitomised the pinnacle of luxury. Backed by a strong legacy that spans over five decades, Omkar is managed by second generation entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of real estate. The board combines a seasoned team of professionals with expertise in real estate, infrastructure, steel manufacturing, oil exploration, shipping, and construction.

Combining the core values of integrity, inclusion, equality, and excellence with a steadfast financial perspective and revolutionary vision, Omkar has gained enormous admiration from all stakeholders in the world of real estate

Omkar has already delivered projects spanning over a 4 million sq. ft. areas across residential and commercial sectors. The company is currently developing over a 20 million sq. ft. area in Mumbai. Future projects in the pipeline include development of another 20 million sq. ft. area.

Key features of the app,

-- Instant download and easy to install on your mobile.

-- Log in (with registered username and password provided by Omkar system administrator)

-- View assigned Projects and Tenant list

-- Tenant polygon overlay
-- Allow survey person to view Tenant polygons
-- Select Tenant polygon
-- Label Tenant with unique Id

-- Base map as Google Map

-- Survey data collection form
-- Visual interface for data collection
-- Enter required data in relevant fields

-- Photograph capture
-- Capture Tenant photographs
-- Photographs and other relevant documents
-- Customised resolution resizing option

-- Periodic data synchronisation with server

Please do get in touch with the Office in case of any difficulty or suggestion for the app.