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Have you ever wanted to have a control on what you see in your dreams? Always wanted to fly like a Superman? or become a superhero in your dreams? Then lucid dreaming is here to help you.

Lucid dreaming is about controlling your dreams as you view them by realizing that you are dreaming while you are asleep. No matter how many times you try to keep a journal or any other self realization technique, Lucid dreaming doesn`t work for everyone. So, here it is your solution! LUCID DREAM App.
This app triggers a lucid alarm pre set by you in YOUR voice to play at the time specified by you. It also has a Journal option to better master the art of lucid Dreaming. Now anyone can Lucid Dream :) below are all the features.

->Record Lucid Alarm.
->Play Lucid Alarm at your desired time and day.
->Configure multiple alarms.
->Record your dreams in Journals as text, audio, Images.
->Activate notifications to receive app notifications.
->Dark and Light Theme Changer.
->Suggest a feature/Report a problem directly to us from inside the app.

How to use LucidDream App:
->Record a soft tone voice urging you to realize that it`s a dream but shouldn`t make you panic.
->Click on the recorded voice file just created. Set the alarm time and days of the week you want the alarm Similarly how you create an alarm in your phone. Make sure the time mentioned is the time you are usually in deep asleep.
Practice for 3-4 nights in a row to master Lucid Dreaming by adjusting the tone of your voice which you recorded in step 1 if the voice recorded wakes you up.
->Go to Journals tab to keep a record of your dreams in text, image or audio file.
->By default the Dark theme is activated for Journals, you can change it to light theme by navigating to settings.
For any help regarding any functionality please use the Help button present on the top right corner of the app.

Please use good quality earbuds which fit into your ears without any strain to your Ears. If required please tie a small scarf around your face with earbuds inside so that the earbuds don`t come off during sleep.

This App is for information and help purpose only. We never guarantee that our App will help in providing Lucid Dream to everyone. In our tests 55% users responded positively and reported that they started getting Lucid Dreams after 2 days of usage and 35% out of rest 45% test users reported they started getting Lucid dreams automatically after 1 week use of this app.
The Chances of a person getting lucid dreams using this app depends on user`s sleeping pattern and at what time he/she is in deep sleep.
We highly recommend scheduling the app to play the sound at the time you are in deep sleep. Recording Dreams using the journals also helps in getting Lucid dreams.
If you wake up when the Lucid Alarm play then use a soothing music in background while recording your voice for Lucid Alarm.
We also suggest users to use a very soft voice to record the Alarm to avoid waking up from sleep when the alarm starts.
It is suggested to put the phone in charging when you go to sleep if your phone battery dies out very fast.
Please use a branded earbuds (canalphones, the ones with a soft rubber) which can fit in your ears easily to avoid ear penna muscle strain. If you see the earbuds fall off easily then use a handkerchief to make sure they are intact to your ears at night.

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