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Sleepy Panda: Escape

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Pandas are one of the most endangered species on our planet, Due to growing Environmental issues, and dangerous animals present in the wild, they need to be protected. It's now time for you to save this beautiful animal species from their worst nightmare: Predators!

Get ready to go on a wild trip inside the bamboo forest and walk your way through different worlds and climates as your very own Sleepy Panda runs to save its life from predators trying to attack him.

With over eight different levels and unique gameplay, Sleepy Panda: Escape is the best free to play casual adventure game in the Play Store right now!

Collect coins to get revives, Unlock levels by completing the level you're on or buy it with money.
Avoid obstacles in your path or collect special powers to follow the safest path. And don't forget about hidden Panda Diamonds!!! Each Panda Diamond gives 300 Panda Coins. Every level has three hidden Panda Diamonds.

So what are you waiting for? Download Sleepy Panda: Escape NOW!

Note: You can restore your in-app purchase items like levels and remove ads feature by going to slide screen in the app if you are shifting from an old device to a new device.
PS: The leaderboard takes the average of the best runs in all the levels, as all the worlds are connected to each other with limited runs, so if you want to improve your ranking then you have to unlock "spirit hell" and score as much as you can because it's the only endless level and also keep the internet on while playing to update score.