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Introducing Vertigo: Sky Adventure VR a casual yet adventurous VR jumping game.
Jump from one block to another while trying to avoid falling off the edges. Avoid dangerous yet adventurous obstacles that come in your way but make sure you don't look down if you have a very week heart. The obstacles become tougher and exciting as you move towards the never ending sky adventure.
Vertigo: Sky Adventure can be played with and without VR Gear so it's the perfect game for anyone who loves just a jumping time killer game or a highly adventurous VR game.
The game has two modes to select whether you want to play using your VR gear or without them in full screen view.
If you don't have a VR gear, You can buy them inside the game or directly from our shop (
Please NOTE: Google cardboard 1.0 with magnet is NOT supported. Only VR Devices with ICADE/Gametel supported remote or manual touch or Google cardboard 2.0 are supported.