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ARVENT SP is an Augmented Reality app that allows you to simulate our ventilation products in the desired environment.

It is an extremely useful application, with which both you and your clients can easily visualise S&P products in their position, without the need for installation: in 3D and with astonishing realism.

How it works

You only need to print out a marker (with any printer), place it in the desired position and focus on it with a smartphone or tablet camera. Like magic, the marker will transform into a 3D model, perfectly integrated into the position where the ventilation system is going to be installed.

In addition...

- The app allows you to see useful details of the interior of the product*: installation, connections, electronics and fittings. Everything in 3D with realistic animations; all in order to make the installation a success.
- Furthermore, with Augmented Reality, it is possible to examine and personalise the products in 3D. You can change the colour, and appreciate every detail as the image rotates left and right, up and down.

Download the application now; you will impress and dazzle your clients.

* Only available with the following products: SILENT DESIGN, RHE, CADB y PLUG SET