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☆★☆★ How to play? ☆★☆★

■ First, be faithful to your full-time job
May you need money to grow a cat!
All jobs go on automatically.
By the way, the amount of money depends on your cats.
When the cat feels high LOVE, you can makes money easy.
If they feel bad… oh, you’re tired of working.

You can make them feel good by “play with”
☞ If you play with your cats, you can increase their LOVE, and you can get some soles.

If their LOVE is too low, choose to stay at home.
When you are with your cats, they may feel better.

■ Soles are precious, too!
Sometimes touch your cats. They gets excited, so they give gold and soles as a present.
Even if you play with, you can collect the soles.
Even if you buy some furniture, you can collect the soles.
Touch, play, Sometimes watch a short AD…. It is easy to collect the soles!
But, I guess It’s a little busy.

You can buy cat toys and costumes with your soles.
If you buy five or more of toys, you can see your cat on a big screen.
If you buy costumes, the cats will be nice.
Make your cats "nice"! Then, you can adopt a new cat.

■ Mission, Love story!
If you buy cat toys and costumes, sometimes the hidden mission opens.
According to the missions, you can open a hidden story with your seniors.
For more information, see Hints on Cat Diary!

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