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Emperor’s Dice lets you play as a warlord whose aim is to conquer as many lands as possible. The invasion of the player starts with Liu Bei, Cao Cao or Sun Quan, the three great warlords who fought for superiority in China.

In this casual board game, you need to roll the dice to determine your how your invasion will proceed. The conquest is done by placing soldiers on the castle you land on. And once it’s yours, defend your castle with the strongest general you’ve recruited.

The game also features many heroes of the Three Kingdoms. They are reborn as comic figures! Roll the dice, see the outcome of your move and select on a comical face to see the different facial expressions of your lord while playing the casual board game.

While playing exciting battles, plan your strategic invasion carefully in this casual board game to avoid exhausting your soldiers. Roll the dice, conquer lands and experience the thrill of a successful invasion with your friends!

Emperor’s Dice Features:
?Strategic general vs general battle system to defend every castle you own and aid you in every conquest
?Many new lands to conquer in a board game setup: roll the dice and witness the outcome of your battles
?Fierce and strategic battles with the best trained generals!
?A casual strategy game that combines the effects of special dice and Lord skills
?Recruit a general whenever you get the chance to complete your collection
?Strategic castle upgrades to make your territory impregnable
?Do battles against the Three Kingdoms’ Lords, conquer all areas of Mainland China in Unified World mode!
?Join in PVP Multiplayer battles and aim to rank high to get weekly rewards
?Improve the stats of each general on your team to increase your chances of winning

The invasion continues in this casual board game. Roll the dice, own every castle, and do a strategic unification of the lands in Emperor’s Dice!

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