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**This will not automatically regulate your vehicle speed**

This application will help you keep a constant speed while driving your vehicle.
It is all audio based, so you will never need to look away from the road again!

"Up Up" signal will be play if your speed is too low.
"Down Down" signal will be play if your speed is too high.
"bing" sound will mean you are back to the desired speed.

-automatic mode will reset the speed lock to your new speed without any input needed
-non-automatic mode will require you to touch the screen to lock/unlock the speed
-ability to adjust the tolerance level, so the number of Km/h before warning
-you can put the phone to sleep and still hear the cues (will save your battery a lot)
-you can play another application on top of it while Cruise Control running in background
-Notification to make sure you don't leave it on by accident
-No ads, No in-app purchases
-Minimum permissions for high security (no Internet or any data collection)

android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: needed to keep the screen on while using the application
android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: needed to get your GPS positionning (to monitor your speed)

Use with care,
PaNicS is not responsible for any incident resulting from the use of this application.

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