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Have you ever thought about bringing up an African Elephant and an Emperor Penguin as pets?
Would you like to look after them every day and get to know their habits and how they develop, while enjoying fantastic mini-games?
The incredible new application “Panini Animals” is now here. With this app you will be able to see how these animals live and look after them in their own natural habitats. You can feed them special food, wash them, stop them getting too hot or cold, find them a family, bring up their puppies, care for their babies and enjoy lots of other brilliant activities, which will help you realise what their lives in the wild are really like. You can do all this from the comfort of your own home too!
Start your adventure with your virtual pet’s breeding stage and feed it until it reaches the adult stage!
Take care of it every day!
Make it grow up by winning all the extra care rewards!
Enjoy the lifecycle games for each animal and win points!
The app is linked to the fantastic sticker collection, Panini’s The Amazing World Of Animals Album, which includes eight pages dedicated to Augmented Reality, which will bring your stickers to life!
Discover the Panini Animals app and have fun!

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