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Green house design ideas can generally be defined as a building construction that serves to avoid and manipulate the environment in order to create the desired environmental conditions in the plant maintenance.
Green House called the Greenhouse, since most green house made of translucent material such as glass, acrylic, plastic and the like.

Green House Design - The Small Farmers are also many who build green house even in a simple form with a limited function for breeding and plant quarantine. This indicates that farmers do not lose out to the big agribusiness.

House plants or greenhouse can be used as an attempt to decrease the temperature of the room in the house plants by means of heat transfer from the inside of the house plants with parts of the external environment, the heating with the addition of heat to the inside of the house plants from a source of energy, including solar, but there is also shade will limit the sunlight will hit as optimization of plant cultivation.

There are various types of greenhouse based on the type of roof, among others; semi-type monitor, piggy back and modified arch. Modified standard peak roof type greenhouses are the type that according to Indonesian environmental conditions.

* Very lightly used
* Free download
* There are various forms of greenhouse
* HD image quality
* Can be used as wallpaper on android or in your social media
* Does not require an internet connection

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