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Jog-Navig Meter is a simple android app which keeps a record of calories burnt by you while walking or running.

It shows on map the streets or roads on which you ran and keeps a track of it. It also shows total duration for which you were running,your average speed and calories burnt based on your jog records and weight entered by you.

It keeps a track of your calories burnt in a calendar which you can see anytime and it also shows your weight which you entered while jogging, hence you can compare your weights seeing records in calendar.

You can also use this app for calculating distance and speed for following activities

-Motor racing
-Roller skating

It also has a navigator which can be used to draw road route between two locations by selecting location just by torching on map. It also shows route taken by you so that you will know if you gets deviated from the way.

Every phone has different hardware configuration. The hardware and android version of each phone are an integral part of how phone’s GPS behaves and how accurate the co-ordinates will be. Jogger have done it’s best to identify accurate GPS coordinates and ignore inaccurate ones.
We have used a threshold of 50 metres in order to conserve battery and calculate best possible data.

GPS catches when u are in open are and is restricted inside a building.It shows current location based on cellphone tower with an approximate radius of 1000-1500 metres until GPS gets started.

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