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The smarter news app - Get complete up-to-the-minute daily hot news worldwide.

Get the latest US Headlines, World News, International Headlines, Global Finance, Sports, NFL, Entertainment, Politics, Technology, Celebrity News - Over 1 million personalized topics in a lightning-fast, material design interface.

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• No more waiting: We bring you complete articles with full text, photos and video all inside the app from trusted US, local and world news sources from New York to New Delhi.
• Smart: Panony News learns as you read, our technology personalizes your news experience automatically.
• Personal: Choose from over 1 million topics for a custom home screen and news experience.
• In-depth: Explore related topics via our innovative news navigation system.
• Trending News: Keep up to date with the most popular trending articles and topics of the moment.
• Sports fans rejoice: Keep up with latest news about NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Global International Soccer, NASCAR, Formula 1, MotoGP news, opinion and more.
• Video News: Lightning fast video news optimized and in-app including International, Finance, National, Global, Tech, Entertainment and World News.

Featured news partners include CBS News, Reuters, Bloomberg, Huff Post, The Guardian, Associated Press, local newspapers and many more covering National, Global News, Business, Sports, NFL, Entertainment, Tech News, Science News, Celebrity News, Finance, Health and over 1 million topics.

Panony News offers the latest breaking National & Global World News headlines in 13 regional editions - USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Russia, China, India, LatAm and International.

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