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Smart Response is a simple utility that hopes to provide you with more control over your phone. Have you ever been in a situation where you are in a meeting or driving or just too busy to attend a call. Ever wished you could let the callers know that their call is important and you will get back to them. Smart Response allows you to deal with such situations more effectively. Once installed, Smart response kicks in every time you get a call and you disconnect it from your end. The Smart Response screen allows you to choose from a predefined list of messages that you would like to send to the caller. Selecting an option automatically sends the particular message to the caller and allows you to get back to the task at hand while being sure that the caller has been informed about your current situation. If you choose not to send a message , just hang up the phone, the smart response screen automatically disappears after a predefined time period and allows you to continue with your task.

Smart Response provides users with the following options:

a) Allows you to configure messages based on your style and preferences for upto 4 situations. Alternatively, the Auto Send feature (in Pro version only) allows you to select a message that is sent automatically when a call is missed/rejected.
b) Allows you to enable/disable the Smart Response application. When Smart Response is enabled, it automatically starts every time the phone re-starts.
c) Allows you to configure the time period for which the Smart Response screen appears after every phone rejected/missed call.
d) Allows you to track Smart Response messages as part of normal conversations (in Pro version only).

This version is a step in the direction to provide more control to you over your phone. Subsequent versions of Smart Response will include additional features for SMS and Call management.

If you are not completely satisfied with Smart Response Pro, please send a mail to and we will issue a full refund within 24 hours. We will really appreciate any feedback you have for us to serve you better along with your order number and your name.