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RADIANT is a platform to create, manage, and share image-based educational materials, primarily intended for users in the medical field. It is ideal for sharing interesting cases among diagnostic radiology residents, fellows, medical students, and faculty. It is NOT meant to be used for diagnosis.

RADIANT content can be created by users from their own image library, backed up and stored in the cloud, and shared with other users and groups (subscription required for cloud functions).

Content is organized around a single image as the fundamental component. Multiple related images comprise a series, which allows for scrolling through the image stack. These image series form the building blocks for Cases (related series demonstrating the imaging findings for a specific diagnosis in one particular patient), Teaching Files (topics organized in chapters and sub-chapters like a text book), and Tests (linked questions with associated image series). Cases can be grouped together in to Case Packs, which take only seconds to create, and are perfect for last minute unknown case presentations and focused studying.

With RADIANT, you can create cases showing x-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRI, or any other imaging modality. It is a great way to learn chest x-rays, normal anatomy, and common disease processes, using real, high-quality diagnostic medical images.

Share only what you want to share - your content remains yours and completely private unless you specifically share it with others.