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Immature Bald Eagles, Porcupine,

Ice Bergs, Forest, Waterfall,
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Alaska, Nature, Mushrooms.

Image captions:

The first snowfall reflects in an unfrozen pond near Mendenhall Glacier

Ice begins to form on Menden Hall Lake

Mt McGuiness reflected in Mendenhall Lake

Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska

Young gosshawk

Porcupine back interesting quills

First year black bear cub tries to get a better view

Black bear cubs and sow at Steep Creek near Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska

Tiny cub can already climb trees

Mushrooms grow in the temporal rain forest near Mendenhall Glacier

All colors except blue are reflected in newly calved ice

Beavers build dams across Steep Creek creating ponds

A thrush enjoys the berries of fall

A great blue heron watches for fish to swim up Steep Creek

Mendenhall Glacier willows in the fall

Steep Creek trail is beautiful alll times of the year

Small blueberry bushes add fall color on newly reclaimed land by the glacier

Willow leaves and grasses merge at the edge of a pond

A young merganser swims in Steep Creek where he has grown up

A huge calving on the face of the Mendenhall Glacier

Dipper on Steep Creek

Black bears fatten up on fish in Steep Creek

Porcupine eating lunch of alder leaves and cones

Plack bear sow catches a nice sockeye salmon

Colorful mushrooms in a bed of moss

A small falls brightens a trail near Mendenhall Glacier

Those salmon are harder to catch than you might think

Beautiful tiny black bear triplets watch their mother fish

Oops, slamon went the other way

Snowshoe hare beginning to get winter colors


Black bear cruising the creek looking for slamon

Second year bald eagle before he gets white head and tail

eagle flies in front of the glacier on a rainy day in Juneau

A magpie shows beautiful blues and violets reflecting in his feathers

Bald eagle on the lookout for salmon scraps left by black bears

Does he see something or is just regaining his balance

Perhaps he finds the photogopher interesting

An eagle on the lookout for competition

An eagle sees something interesting in the creek

Sunset light in late fall provide dramatic colors

The dark color on the glacier is rocks or sand ground off mountainsides as it travels down the valley

Shadows from high mountains fall across the glacier at sunset

Some bald eagles are Mendenhall Glacier residents

Iceburgs develop interesting shapes as they melt into the lake water

Unusually shaped ice burgs sometimes float for days on the lake before melting

Ravens are know as tricksters in some Native American cultures. This guy looks like he is laughing about something.

Iceburgs reflect all colors except blue when they are newly calved

Mendenhall Glacier is receding rapidly these days

Steller jay in a western hemlock

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