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EVERYBODY gives you a personalized user-generated contacts – of everyone.
You will use it every time you are looking for a mobile phone number of a person or a business.

Gone are the days of having to search among pages and pages of paper, or even browse a web, to find a certain number. Wouldn’t it be great to just type a name in and all the needed information is there, hassle free! Well now, this is all possible…

EVERYBODY app creates instant white and yellow pages personalized just for you. All information will be based on your phone number, contacts and location. It is the next generation phone book, invented for the smartphone era to deliver the right info by combining all contacts in an efficient and anonymous way.

The app includes:
• Expanded info for your existing contacts (e.g. messengers, soc. net, phones…)
• More contacts of people with whom you’re connected in some way
• Contact info of local businesses around you
• Most relevant and personalized results from a simple search

App is very simple to use, works offline, and it doesn’t change a single byte of your smartphones internal contacts. In fact it could also be easily used as a substitute for Contacts app.

Your contacts are synced with Everybody’s knowledge base server where they are combined, expanded, merged with other contacts, organized in “social graph” and then anonymously shared with other app users (e.g. Friends). This means that when you are looking for someone or something, search results are personalized based on how well you’re connected with someone, how far you are from local business and what you are able to see (privacy settings).