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Summer, refreshing live wallpaper - a cocktail. Beautiful live wallpaper HD quality representing a variety of drinks and cocktails. The PRO version is:
      Fizzy water with ice.
      Mojito cocktail. (lime, mint leaves, white rum, soda, ice)
      Colibri cocktail. (basil, pear, pear syrup, lemon juice, birch juice, physalis, ice)
Daiquiri coctail.(white rum, lemon juice, sugar cane syrup, ice)
Blue lagoon cocktail. (vodka, lemon juice, lemonade, liquor "Blue Curacao", slice of lemon ,ice)
Shark tooth cocktail. (white rum, lemon juice, lime juice, sugar syrup, grenadine syrup, club Soda)
Watermelon Mojito cocktail. (lime, lemon, watermelon, mint leaves, white rum, soda, ice)
Bellini cocktail. (peach juice, champagne, ice)
You can also control the amount of ingredients, their speed and size.
And also set the movement of fruit and ice. Will they sink or simply to behave more realistically, to sink, and then emerge, as it happens in real drinks.
Use the gyroscope for a more realistic behavior of fruit, ice and bubbles

Only until December 25, price reduced to $0.99