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Freehand lets you draw and calibrate your freehand circle drawing skills in a fun way. Draw as many circles as you please. The app will infer the best real circle that fits your freehand drawing and give you an estimate of your accuracy. Track your progress and improvements over time.

Most people can draw freehand circles with better than 90% accuracy. But can you do better consistently? By repeatedly practising drawing freehand circles using the feedback you get from this app, you will eventually get to be so good that the best artists of the world will envy your freehand circle drawing skills.

By drawing good circles you will be able to unlock the lines of a special ode. Unlock all 16 lines to win.

What are you waiting for. Get out there and draw!

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P.S. Freehand is based on the algorithm described by Dale Umbauch and Kerry N Jones in "A few methods for fitting circles from data", IEEE Trans. Instr. Measurements, Vol 52, No. 6, Dec 2003.

Note: Thanks to "Jay" for the really cool icon.