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The pushups is a basic exercise that develops not only the pectoral muscles and triceps, but the entire shoulder girdle, Delta press, as well as improve physical fitness in General. Pushup is the best exercise that you can do. It's a great workout for the entire torso, shoulders, lower back and easy to do. Pushups - this is one of the seven basic physical exercises. Pushups require no additional equipment, horizontal surface is all you need for your workout.. Don't skip workouts and try to do your best and You will be able to achieve amazing results.
App Push Ups counter will help you with this.
Push Ups counter will count your push-UPS, to touch the nose of the screen (be careful in whom the nose is very sharp - be careful not to damage the screen, the developers are not responsible for damaged devices). This calculation was not chosen randomly, nose touching the screen You perform most deep push-UPS, thus it is best working all muscle groups. App Push Ups counter will keep your workouts and build visual charts of your progress. You can also set the time and days of the week in which you would like to train and the program will remind you about the next training session. Share results with your friends.