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“[VEGA] Remote Shot“ is  a Wi-Fi remote controller connecting with Camera application on VEGA smart phone.

Connect the server phone running “Camera” with client phone running “[VEGA] Remote Shot“.
Client phone is only compatible with “Camera” app on “VEGA No.6 (IM-A860S/K/L)”, “VEGA Iron (IM-A870S/K/L)”, “VEGA LTE-A (IM-A880S)”, "VEGA Secret Note (IM-A890S/K/L)", "VEGA Secret UP (IM-A900S/K/L)", "VEGA Iron 2 (IM-A910S/K/L)" model (released 2013 in Korea).

Install the [VEGA] Remote Shot app and connect with server camera,
you can check the received image and shoot easily with camera from long distance.

1. Connecting: In the server Camera app, set the “Remote Shot” mode. And set back-to-back with both phone to connect.
2. Shooting: Set the Camera to right angle, command to the camera with [VEGA] Remote Shot.
3. Checking: You can check the taken photos and store in [VEGA] Remote Shot app. In the server Camera, the taken photos will save automatically.

-To connect, NFC and R&W/P2P must be enabled.
-Using Wi-Fi Direct will not result in additional data charge.
-Do not disable Wi-Fi while connected.
-Connection can get off if the distance is too far between both phone.
-Connection can get off if there are some barriers between both phone.
-Provide shooting photo, except recording video.

[Supported models]
Android Jelly Bean Higher
* It may be disconnected or not work properly with specific smart phone model.

[Supported models to Connect]
VEGA IM-A860 Higher

[Main Features]
-View the image reflecting from Camera in real time.
-Command shooting to Camera
-Command setting flash and resolution to Camera.
-Check the taken photos immediately.-Save the taken photos to the client phone’s local storage.