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Turkish Verbs and Grammar

Turkish is a highly agglutinative language, i.e., Turkish words have many grammatical suffixes or endings that determine meaning. Turkish vowels undergo vowel harmony. When a suffix is attached to a stem, the vowel in the suffix generally agrees in frontness or backness and in roundness with the last vowel in the stem.

The Turkish verbs application, is a simple but very useful application, that conjugate Turkish verbs in all Turkish Tenses, and also to learn how the tense is drawn up trough our explanation tables on the left of the tense button.

Μy vision is to build the bigger Turkish verbs catalog on the internet, and to add on my application all the Tenses that most used in Turkey.

The tense explanation button on the left of every tense. We think that is a very useful category for a verb conjugation tool.

Soon we will add the "Learn verbs" game, that you will use it to learn all the Turkish verbs with fun way!
Our application supports the tenses below:

- Present continuous (Şimdiki zaman)
- Past with -DI(Berirli geçmiş zaman)
- Past Dubitative -mIş(Belirsiz geçmiş zaman)
- Future (Gelecek zaman)
- Imperfect (Şimdiki zamanın hikâyesi)
- Present dubitative (Şimdiki zamanın rivayeti)
- Impossible past result - Gelecek zamanın hikâyesi
- Future Dubitative - Gelecek zamanın rivayeti
- Past Perfect - Belirli geçmiş zamanın hikâyesi
- Past Perfect Dubitative - Belirsiz geçmiş zamanın hikâyesi
- Past Strongly Dubitative - (Belirsiz geçmiş zamanın rivayeti)

**Note that the FREE version needs WIFI or MOBILE network to work**