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Taking the role of John, Sylvia or Andrew, three ordinary people, you will see the world you know collapsing. During a normal evening, a sudden blackout marks the transition between a quiet life and a struggle for survival. In those few moments of darkness something changes forever, and inhumanly-hungry creatures start hunting you. It's up to you to decide which direction to take, and every choice can bring you closer to salvation or sign your death sentence! Will you be able to survive after the Blackout?

The first chapter of an engaging adventure, Blackout puts you in front of several plot branches. You're up to discover all the possible endings, but keep in mind that only one is the "perfect" finale and that you might also find something unexpected..

- A complex story with many different endings

- Each adventure can end differently: even the choices that previously led to an untimely demise might let you continue your adventure!

- Be placed in front of a moral choice: you risk your own life to save someone else's or you choose to survive? Remember that everything has its consequences..

- Three secret finales: will you be able to find them?

Software Development by Paolo Tagliapietra

Texts and storyline ideas by Manuel Arbanassi

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