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10 months

since last update


Drive a tank round and blow stuff up.

There are 10 levels of varying difficulty. The goal is to destroy all the 'command posts' on a level. Predictably, there are obstacles and baddies that try to stop you. Fortunately, the baddies are destroyed by explosions. You're a tank, so you're really good at making explosions.

There are health and ammunition bonuses lying around. Unfortunately, these bonuses are also destroyed by explosions.

Default controls:
-move: touch right-hand side
-elevation: touch far left side
-shoot: tap left of centre
-pause: tap top-right

The orientation of controls can now be switched in the help/settings screen.
The default setting is probably easiest for right-handed players, the alternate setting might be better for left-handed players.

I'm planning to add more levels for the next release.

Made with JME3, see jmonkeyengine.org