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papagei PRONOUNCE – improve your English by listening and speaking.

You know how to speak English quite well but still feel insecure about using your language skills in everyday and often spontaneous situations? Then papagei PRONOUNCE is just the thing for you!
We have put together training texts regarding various day-to-day topics for you – getting to know persons, shopping or travelling.
You want to prepare for a company meeting or organise a business trip? Or practise how to correctly pronounce economic, trade or industry terms in their contexts? In the app, you’ll find sentences of different proficiency levels for just that too.
And in case you do not fully understand a sentence, you can take a look at its translation.

This is how it works:
Select a situation, start the recording and read the sentence aloud clearly – you’ll immediately get an evaluation of your pronunciation! How does that work? The app identifies what you are saying and compares your pronunciation with a native speaker’s. You’re not quite sure about how the sentence should be pronounced? No problem: listen to the sentence pronounced by a real Brit – and then read aloud to the app what you have heard. You’ll see it for yourself: your pronunciation will improve rapidly – even with difficult texts.
Try papagei PRONOUNCE right away – end enjoy!

TRAINING TEXTS of our app:
• 18 situations and topics
• more than 180 English phrases
• handy both off and on work

• Reading aloud by a native speaker (British English)
• Translations available for each exercise (German, Spanish, French, Russian and Turkish)
• Recording (by yourself)
• Evaluation of your pronunciation
• Manual/automatic training modes

• quiet training surroundings
• reading aloud clearly in “normal” speed of speech
This increases the quality of speech recognition and thus, your training success.

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