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We daily receive lot of Spam and unknown calls, we may not attend the calls in case we know the caller details during the incoming calls. Live tracker True caller-ID will help you to find the details of the caller id during the calls even without having the caller's number in address book. Caller ID & Mobile Locator will helps you to track any phone number's location, with Geographic location(city area, state, country including service providers).

Features of Live True Caller-ID Tracker

☆ Mobile number tracker: Our Mobile Number Tracker helps you to track and locate any phone number from USA, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia even any other country in the world. True Mobile Number Tracker will display city area, state, country and service operator of the phone number with the geographic location approx to state or city on the maps.

☆ Global Mobile Tracker: You can easily switch between countries to search or track number, just head to country selection and select the country you are searching for.

☆ Live True Caller ID: You can enable Caller ID feature for incoming and outgoing calls to see who is calling and identify unknown incoming calls during the call via the true caller id with name and location information(country, State, city area and even service operator).

☆ Live Mobile Number Tracker: Track any number to its owner name and location for any country, just enter the number and view the caller details with mobile service provider name.

☆ Locate Number From Call History: Select any known mobile number from Call History logs and locate for its owner details with caller information.

☆ Mobile Number Track History: Live True Caller-ID Tracker will keep an history of searches made by you for easy access of past track results. You can tap any track history record for more details about the True Caller ID.

☆ Attending Calls: Live True caller-ID feature will display name and location of caller during phone calls so you can easily decide to attend the call or not and save your time from responding to spam calls.

☆ Caller Location: Once you track a mobile from Live True Caller ID Tracker you can view the location of Caller on Map and directions from your location to caller in MAP.

1. Read/Modify Contacts: This permission is needed for for caller ID details feature.
2. Location Service: To show Caller location on map with Distance from current location.
3. Read Call Logs: To give you quick access to call history to track any unknown caller.

Disclaimer : Live Mobile Caller-ID Tracker will not present the actual physical location/GPS location of the caller, location information would be approximate to State/City.