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Have you ever attended a business event and thought, “There has to be a better way to do this! “ We believe the objective for all participants in these events is simply: "To get things done; more efficiently and without all the hassles". We created Paperlss™ with exactly this in mind.

Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences are vital for providing participants with valuable face to face interactions because in today’s world, online connections may be the norm, but it is still offline connections that people develop the relationships with a high level of trust that businesses require. However, with tens of thousands of participants at typical events; managing all this can be daunting.

Utilise our unique event social network to get your word out and push interest and interactions about you and your company. No need to handle and carry paper brochures around the event! Capture, collect and organise all your show collateral digitally and retrieve from any mobile device. Share content on the fly. Understand your unique show metrics using data analytics.

Save money by embracing Paperlss digital solutions. Uploading directories, maps, schedules and all your event collaterals. Understand your events unique metrics in order to increase attendance, attract popular exhibitors and increase business. Use the Paperlss social functionality to be a part of the conversation in order to understand your participants better. Grow your user base by engaging them.

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