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Discover Texas' unique history while you travel or from the comfort of your favorite chair with the Texas Historical Markers App. Enrich your historical knowledge by easily locating more than 14,000 historical landmarks throughout the Lone Star State.


Database of 14,000+ markers that are registered with the state of Texas with the full inscription on each marker
Search for historical markers using any keyword in the database including the title, description, county, city, etc.
Show markers near your location on a map using GPS
Browse the map to find markers in any part of Texas
Bring up a list view of markers currently displayed on the map
Marker rating system to help locate more interesting markers as rated by users
Sort all list views by rating or distance from current location
Create a list of favorite markers for quick reference or future travel
Single tap for directions to a marker from you current location

**Bonus Feature**

You may notice some of the markers are not the correct location. These errors are in the original published historical marker database, not the app itself.

We have included a feature that allows users to correct the location of markers. Tap a button to confirm you are standing in front of the marker you are viewing and upload the correct location. In time, with your help we can create the most accurate Texas Historical Marker database to date!

If you visit a marker that appears to not be in the app, do a search for it. It is more than likely just a location error from the public database. Then you will be able to submit a correct location to us to fix it. Happy travels!