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Pappy Tools (System Tools and Utilities) is a new product designed to improve your android experience .
At the moment it is a dynamically evolving product, which is being actively tested.

Current Release: PappyTools 2.2 (BETA)

1. "File Manager". Simple file manager.
2. "System Information". Device, battery, CPU, memory, storage and network information.
3. "Application Manager". Manages applications on your device.
4. "Process Manager". Phone processes, services and task information.
5. "Auto Kill". It helps you to create a list of applications, which will be periodically killed.
6. "App2sd". It helps you to find and move applications from phone memory to SD Card.
7. "App2SD Service". Usefull in case you want to be notified, when installed application can be moved to SD Card.
8. "Console". A simple linux console.
9. "Service Admin". Manages "PappyTools" services.
10. Screen Widgets. Widgets will help you to control some phone functions on fly.

!To ensure that you are interested in improving the product, the best suggestion for improvement will be rewarded with a "no advertisements" license for this product.!

You can send suggestions and report bugs to