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D.Miller Da Don ‘The Last Don’ Though the original No Limit soldiers are no longer on the front lines, the second generation of troops is still holding down the fort.

Raised in the ranks of one of Hip-Hop’s most powerful clans, Douglas Michael Miller (a.k.a. D.Miller Da Don) now D.Miller Da Don is now taking the family business to higher heights.

The 27-year-old nephew of Master P, Miller says
that growing up with No Limit Records CEO Master P taught him how to survive and be a winner in the Entertainment Business.

“P showed me some of the ropes in the business and with that I will succeed by keeping my family morals and values first.” After being robbed at gunpoint in his hometown, New Orleans, the youngster left the Calliope Projects at age 12 to live with his cousin Master P, who is
also his mentor, in Beverly Hills.

“My mom decided New Orleans wasn’t for me,” says D.Miller.
“P called her up and got me a ticket straight to L.A.” After moving to the West, D.Miller had trouble adjusting due to the language barrier, however eventually adapted to his surroundings.

“When I first checked in school, my accent was real deep so none of the kids could understand what was saying,” he says. “It was an uncomfortable feeling, I stood out. But after hanging out, I got along with everybody and things worked out cool.” Having penned his own poetry and rhymes since age 10, Trump reunited in L.A.

with his cousins, including Master P’s son Lil Romeo, and under P’s tutelage, they formed a rap quintet Rich Boyz.

Independently releasing their only LP, Young Ballers—The Hood Been Good to Us, in 2005, the group toured briefly even appeared on 106 & Park, BET networks, until Hurricane Katrina hit

that same year and halted promotional plans. With the band now disbanded, D.Miller Da Don is determined to make his mark as a solo MC.

“I could call P right now and say, ‘Yo, get me an interview,’ or ‘Get me a meeting with Jimmy Lovine,’but I want to work hard and be able to stand on my own”. My new management team is Rich Banks and the crew. That doesn’t mean his uncles aren’t holding him down.

“Being affiliated with us, of course some doors gonna be open for him, that being family,” says C-Miller aka C-Murder, who’s taken D.Miller Da Don under his wing. “[But] he’s doing his own thing.

He isn’t trying to be like me or nobody else.” While many may recognize D.Miller name only due to his hard work separately from the family he hopes to stay busy and focus on
creating quality music.

He is currently working on new singles to release

He has been creating a large buzz in England and Germany working with Tim FX.D.MILLER has also worked with Grammy Nominated artist Colby O’Donis, Gillie Da Kid, former B2K Platinum R&B singer Raz-B, and appears on album The Calliope Clique, which was released in September 2009. From 2014 to current he's working with Grammy winning producer Raphael RJ2, artist and producer with Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida and more.

So he knows D.Miller’s lane. He’s also acting in films. Shown across the media in photos with Will and Jada Smith, and Don Cheadle and his wife Bridgid Coulter. He's a natural, so he has an all angle approach independent to success.

“I am learning that there is a lot of footwork, and dedication to this music that I’m creating. It’s a long road ahead and I’m mentally, physically, and spiritually
prepared for it.

Thanks to my family, friends, and fans of D.Miller Da Don is the next to succeed staying TRU to the game TRU to my name…