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At 1happylife We have a simple mission: to help people make more of their lives through learning.

We provide a range of education products and services that help people everywhere aim higher and fulfil their true potential.
Alain Dagba

Speaker | Life Coach | Minister
The Art Of Happiness
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Groups 4 & 5 are now open
"Carry Your Torch"
Ordinary people building a network of spiritual, selfless people, creative minds, entrepreneurs and philanthropists dedicated to helping each other achieve a maximum level of happiness, health, wealth, and personal growth.
Meet our Team & Graduates
Nov 25.

Be Self- Authentic
Identity Correction & Recovery
Learn how to safely descend into your 

subconscious mind like in a deep forest through prayer and 

meditation to undo, delete, and erase self-limiting thoughts formed out of 

the negative things done to you, said to you, that you have witnessed and so forth.


Your true identity, your Christ-Self, Your real nature will begin to emerge. 

Nov 26.

Be On 

Differentiate between selfish friends, moral friends, and divine friends to develop the right network to achieve your purpose
You need to know why some people are in your life. Who is eating your time? Who is adding value to your life? Who is making you grow? Who is a parasite? Who is controlling you unconsciously and how to stand in your authority and redesign your interaction with each person on each list. 


Clarity of purpose and why you attract the people you attract. 
Nov 26.

Connect to a Higher Power
Learn how to connect to God within to activate your intuition and ability to make divine decisions. Learn how to shift your awareness and the events of your life using the mystery of numbers and the symbolic knowledge of the male and the female principle in your soul, body, and in the universe.
Become more confident and spiritually connected
Nove 27.

Be a Good Time-Manager
Your time is your life. People who waste your time are wasting your life. But there is TIME as a psychological fact and COSMIC TIME which is a message God, the universe, and the angels are showing you by you seeing the same numbers and not knowing why. I will show you how to use time to step into your season of opportunities.
You will become more in-tune with the seasons of your life and what should be your priority.
Nov 29 & Nov 30

Building a network of 

success with all the 

Nove 28.

Be more productive 

and more giving
Learn the real meaning and usage of the ancient LAW of attraction called the LAW of sowing and reaping by Jesus Christ through the power of affirmations, visualization, and goals board to become

more productive.


In each practice you will learn how to include your service to humanity and gratitude to purify your aura. You will also learn the spiritual name of money and how to clean your energy toward money in order to use money wisely and increase it for a greater good of all.

You will become a more inspirational person, an uplifting philanthropist and a generous fellow to many.
Materials Included

when you sign up for 

the 6 hours webinar
coachalaindagba@gmail.com | Boston, Brockton, Stoughton, MA