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Remember how excited you were when you started your business? (Or, maybe you’re about to embark on that journey.)

Many business owners underestimate what, and how much time, is required to run a small business.

From answering and tracking emails, scheduling your clients and/or your employees, figuring out the whole social media thing, keeping your projects or orders organized, to getting the word out to people that you’re open for business – there is a lot to do.

Look, technology won’t guarantee your business’s success. You still need a viable business idea. But technology can help you reach more people and grow your customer base faster. It can help you simplify or automate your business processes, so you have more time. And using the wrong products or struggling to understand your tech is wasting your time and costing you money.

That’s where I come in. I’m your faith & technology coach.

I teach the small business owner how to have more faith in God and what they need to know to survive in today’s busy and fast-paced digital world.

I help business owners own their faith and sift through all the technology available and find the right ones that fit their business and its processes.

I help business owners improve their mobile presence. From your first website or mobile app, to learning how to network and build relationships online via social media. I help your business attract and engage your target audience.