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Crew Pay is a centralized platform of information from club members who need to trade a Trip or their availability to pick up a Trip.

A benefit in having a centralized platform is the information posted from club members is available to you in one screen. This allows you to quickly decide which Trip Trade will work for you and where they are originating from. Also available Jet Way trades to each base.

Immediate benefit to club members who post a Trip Trade their posting is immediately available to all club members to view. Therefore the time it takes to trade the trip to another club member should be less than the current process. Simply because all Trip Trade types are displayed by base location on one screen. Members also have the option of searching by base or by Trade Type.

Crew Pay reduces the hassle of commuting using Jet Way trades. Currently you book a flight then wait at the airport to see if a seat will be available or you end up flying fourth. Using a Jet way trade you’re getting paid to commute to work. Why commute on your personnel time and money. Instead get paid for your commute which can help to pay for your overnight lodging expense.

Painless Room Booking:

When you commute visit the Commuter Section to locate the type of lodging you would like for your overnight. Do you want to earn Hotel points and a credit for a Free Room Stay or do you want the best rate.