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JIT Cash Solutions is a Finance Investment Corporation which teaches and provides Real-Time "Push" Notification trade alerts to beginner and professional Forex traders. We provide our users with accurate entry, and take profit price points on "ALL" Forex currency pairs daily. The time chart we target is the Daily Chart. Our team has over 20-years experience in trading the Forex market and with our proven strategy and discipline has made gigantic profit earnings!

Our success is built on a unique combination of risk competence, technological expertise and reliable financial resources. Our goal moving forward is to share this knowledge and wealth to those who wish to become masters in this that they too can create all the wealth they desire!

To demonstrate our expertise, wisdom and knowledge in this industry we offer every user a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied in 30-days with our "one of a kind and 1st in its class" live trade alert service.

**The Benefit for using our Mobile Push Notification Service**

Unlike trading on smaller time frames like for example the 1-min, 5-min, 1-Hour and 4-Hour charts which have a great deal of noise, fake-out moves and require constant supervision, trading on the Daily Chart is a lot simpler! In order to trade the Daily Chart it only requires a trader to have a few essential skills to be truly successful. Someone trading the Daily time chart is required to be Patient, Emotionless, and Disciplined to adhere to a strong System or Strategy. It is for this reason we have package all these critical elements for being a successful trader into this mobile app to put you at ease. We understand that such a skill set has to be practiced over and over again which is why we strongly recommend trading a Demo account before you trade Live with your real money.

The advantage to receiving Live "Push- Notifications" from our Alert System is you can feel rest assured that our system and strategy is built around these very essential skills and uses consistent rules of engagement. Our goal is change the world for those still looking to find their way and help cure poverty by teaching Forex.

Unlike any other Push Alert Service we stay with you doing the trade execution and even advise you when the market is looking to change trend direction by notifying you real-time using a two-entry risk management systematic'll never be alone! We're with you through it all...when the trade begins and with you when its times to exit.

Never traded the Daily Chart before? No worries...our Live Push-Notification Alert System will teach you how to become a patience, effective, and consistent trader like the professionals. 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your Money Back!

We look forward to welcoming you to our team...

Forex Alerts Team