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Welcome to Swahili Aroma! This is where the flavor of your meal comes from over 50 Tanzanian cuisine recipes, which are categorized as following; breakfast, lunch, salads/appetizers and dinner.

OUR AIM: Not just to attract individuals to download our aps or try out the recipes rather to acknowledge Ria’s Cuisine as their master chef who delivers them what they cannot think of or find anywhere else but on their gadgets through the app.

OUR VISION: To be the premium mobile app promoting exotic swahili cuisines to a global market.

OUR MISSION: Provide individuals with an app filled with unique yet easily prepared cuisines and ensure that all recipes are suitable for every individual who downloads the app (the early birds, the busy bees, the chilled back and the ones who love the kitchen).

A single cuisine recipe from the app will make you keep coming back for more, as the taste of the cuisines are exquisite as the pictures displayed. This app knows exactly what is needed in your breakfast to start off a good morning, as for lunch the cuisines are nutritious, sweet, refreshing, right to taste and easy to prepare since daytime is not the best time to be dealing with the kitchen heat, so don't worry Ria took note of that! You can get your dinner on the table with more fun as well and less fuss.

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Cuisine Box: Drop and save your favorite cuisine recipes at the specified box for quick access and easy preparation. Cuisine recipes feature; ingredients, cooking instructions, cook duration and more.

Shopping list: You can use this app to add the cuisine of your choice and the ingredients needed will be displayed, as you purchase the ingredients the app will allow you to tick the item off.

Super Search: You may search for cuisines with less cooking time, less ingredients, best nutrition, dietary cuisines and more.

Video Tutorials: You can watch free videos every week from various chefs on how to prepare and cook variety of cuisines.

Maria Malinzi