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A guide to use the app:

ROB% = Return on Bet If the value is over 100% you should bet. Values are calculated from Probabilities and Odds. This is what you win in the long run. Do not try to win every bet.

Probabilities% Set your estimated winning probabilities for each team.
Decimal Odds These are what your bookie gives you. Value in the parentheses shows bookies cut. It is based on the Odds, if the odds are 2 and 2 then the value should 100%. Over 100% means that you have found an arbitrage bet but this should never happen. Usually the value is near 90%, if it's lot under 90% then change the bookie because you are swindled out of money

Example 1: Home/Visitor Odds are 1.35 - 2.85 Probs 70/30 ROBs 94.5%/85.5% You should skip this bet because the ROBs are under 100% for both sides

Example 2: Home/Visitor Odds are 1.6 - 2.2 Probs 50/50 ROBs 80%/110% This is what I personally look. Tight games where the probs are near 50%/50% and odds > 2. Easy money

Example 3: G2/North Odds are 1.3 - 2.85 Probs 30/70 ROBs 40%/200% Kenny posted on Twitter that he's sick and can't play. G2 is now underdog and bookies does not know that yet. In theory you would double up your money in the each bet. Wouldn't that be Great!!!