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PARA - Passenger Assistance Resource App

A commuter assistance application for Metro Manila, Philippines. Uses OpenStreetMaps (OSM), and OpenTripPlanner (OTP) the uses GTFS data for Metro Manila.

Main Features:

Navigation - Specify origin and destination by long-clicking on the map or by typing. If GPS is enabled, the users current location can be used as the starting point. Presents multiple modes of transport and alternative itineraries to the user. Also shows step-by-step instructions on how to get from origin to destination.

Saving of itineraries - The user can saved itineraries on the Favorite list that can be reloaded for later use.

Options - Lets the user modify parameters of the trip like Mode of transportation, maximum walk distance, and fare rates.

Events - Lets the user display events on the maps as provided by MMDA.

Points of Interest - Lets the user display POIs near the origin destination or his current location. These include restaurants, fast food, bars, shopping, convenience store, police station, etc.